My top tips for visiting Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Theme Park

I was, if I'm completely honest, a bit sceptical about Volcano Bay. I envisaged something vary similar to the recently closed Wet and Wild water park (AKA: concrete city)., was I wrong!. Getting into the park  So first things first: you don't drive directly to Volcano Bay. You park in the Universal lot and... Continue Reading →

Why are you hauling round that massive bag?!

When I walk round WDW, I do so with a small, cross-body bag or a small camera bag. This is because over the years I have pruned down my theme park daily necessities to a bare minimum. This is just my personal opinion and I am sure that some people will need to carry additional things! (I... Continue Reading →


So I, along with the rest of the WDW community, welcomed the change from regular old fastpasses to the new fastpass+ system a few years ago with feelings of excitement and uncertainty. No more visiting the fastpass kiosks at each attraction? No more paper fastpass tickets?! HOW WILL THIS WORK?!?! Anywho, two years later I... Continue Reading →

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