My tips for meeting Ana and Elsa at Walt Disney World

So, much to my amazement the Frozen hype is still going strong, and as a result there are still a steady stream of bewildered parents exiting Princess Fairytale hall every day, blinking blearily in the sunlight after two and a half hours of waiting in a never-ending queue of screaming toddlers for a 5 minute meet and... Continue Reading →

Illuminations, Reflections of Earth

All of the shows at WDW are special in their own way. They will use lighting, fireworks, projections and occasionally live performers to create the most unforgettable performances, and they still remain one of my favourite things on WDW vacations. So, Illuminations, Reflections of Earth is Epcot's evening show. It is usually at 9:00pm, and... Continue Reading →

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