Pandora – The World of Avatar

Words could not describe how excited I was for this land when it opened back in 2017 and oh my, it didn’t disappoint! Here are some of the tips I picked up after visiting…

Tip 1: Give yourself loads of time to wander round, and YOU MUST VISIT IT IN THE DARK! 

The designers for this land well and truly earnt their money! All the little details that make up the valley are incredible, and you can’t take them all in in one visit. I suggest visiting during the day and also after dark – All the gorgeous plants and features around the paths, as well as the path itself, glow with bio-luminescent lights and the effect is incredible. I will be writing a post about that and will link it here. There are also lots of interactive features in the land itself, such as squirting plants that react to movement! 

Tip 2: Dont get there too early. 

In my experience , the queues are the longest like half an hour after park opening. You’re better off fast passing everything else such as Everest, Kali and Kilamanjaro, then heading round. Whilst on this point, don’t go through the main entrance into the land itself, it’s crazy busy. Instead, head towards Africa and down past the new home of Festival of the Lion King. There is a back entrance into the land there that doesn’t get so busy. 

Tip 3: Keep trying for fastpasses. 

When going through fastpass options, go through every time slot available. If Flight of Passage or the River Journey are available they will be at the top of the list. When you have been through every time slot unsuccessfully, go back to the first time and start again. This is how my boyfriend and I managed to do both of the attractions twice, and both on fastpasses in the middle of summer! They are available, you just have to keep looking! 

Tip 4: Look for the new Photopass opportunities. 

We managed to get the most gorgeous picture at sunset in front of the beautiful rocks that make up the feature point of the land. We also got a fantastic photo at night in front of the big waterfall which was all lit up. You need to be patient but, like any good photo pass opportunity, it will be so worth it! 

Tip 5: There are food options in the land. 

The food court is right next to the shop (which serves as an exit route for Flight of the Passage) and it serves mainly Asian style dishes. I didn’t go in there myself, but it seemed really busy and smelt good! 

The rides themselves were incredible. The Na’avi River Journey is incredibly clever but, if I’m honest, felt a bit flat after experiancing the epic-ness that is Flight of the Passage. It is basically a way more advanced version of Soarin at Epcot, and I absolutely loved it. I won’t say too much as I don’t want to ruin it, but to me it will now be one of my must-do rides at WDW! 

Have you visited Pandora, the world of Avatar yet? What did you think?

Lauren x 

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