My tips for meeting Ana and Elsa at Walt Disney World

So, much to my amazement the Frozen hype is still going strong, and as a result there are still a steady stream of bewildered parents exiting Princess Fairytale hall every day, blinking blearily in the sunlight after two and a half hours of waiting in a never-ending queue of screaming toddlers for a 5 minute meet and greet with Ana and Elsa. Here are my tips for beating the queues…

Don’t meet them at Magic Kingdom.

The princesses, due to their popularity, are an almost permanent feature at Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom. However, in my experience this always tends to get REALLY BUSY. What some people don’t realise is that Elsa and Ana also have a permanent meet and greet station at Epcot in Norway, next to the Frozen Ever After Ride. World Showcase in Epcot doesn’t open until 11am, so if you wait by the rope and then walk straight round to the Royal Sommerhus (go left at the entrance to the showcase!)  you can often beat the masses, rather than spending over an hour winding round the queues in Princess Fairytale Hall! This is the same for getting on the Frozen Ever After Ride – we went straight round to it at 11am this year (it had just opened and the queues were horrendous) and we only waited 20 mins for it!

Fastpass, Fastpass, FASTPASS!

If you are on a tight schedule or want to meet them at Magic Kingdom, Use the My Disney Experience App to book a fastpass (if you don’t know how this works then you can read my post on it here). The earlier you can get this the better. Now i’m a big advocate of not ruining your holiday by booking fastpasses for every day and planning your entire vacation before you’ve landed at MCO, however this is one of the times where I would say you have to bite the bullet and, if you get a early fastpass slot avalible for meeting them, say ‘we are going to *insert park here* no matter the weather.

Take advantage of Extra Magic Hours

On some days the parks open earlier and close later for guests staying at the proper Disney Hotels (I will be writing a blog post soon about the hotels that receive this perk and will link it here). If you are eligible for this then it is well worth the early get-up to beat the queues at Magic Kingdom. You could always meet the Princesses and do a few rides then stop for breakfast after – there are plenty of places to eat, but I will always recommend the Be our Guest Restaurant!

Do you want to meet a Snowman?

If you or your children want to meet Olaf, you now can do so at the Celebrity Spotlight at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This, in my experience, doesn’t get a massive queue and is a lovely character meet and greet for Frozen fanatics – it’s the only place you can meet Olaf on WDW property!

What have your experiances been meeting Ana and Elsa, or other characters?

Lauren x


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