Parade Ponderings…My favourite retired WDW parades

Whilst browsing on YouTube the other day I found myself in the mood to watch some of my favourite parades. Whilst doing this my mind started to wander to reminisce about retired parades that I’ve known and loved in my years of visiting WDW…

(I have added in a YouTube link after each parade for people who would like to watch the parades – I found these videos on Attractions Magazine’s YouTube channel. They are one of my favourite Orlando blogs and all credit for the videos belongs to them!)

1) Animal Kingdom’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade. 

A theme throughout all these choices will be the soundtracks, and the Jammin’ Jungle parade’s soundtrack is no exception! It was fantastic! The parade floats were brilliant in this one too…the idea was the gang were going on a jungle adventure, and all their floats were their cars that had their luggage attached – my personal favourites were Donald’s leaking boat float and goofy’s BBQ that he had attached to the back of his car. This parade stopped when Camp Minnie Mickey was demolished to make way for the construction of Pandora, and I would love to see this parade return once the building is finished and they have a parade route again!

You can watch this parade on Attractions Magazine’s YouTube channel here…

2) Magic Kingdom’s Spectromagic.

I talked about this a little bit a previous post ( ) but I really did love spectromagic…way more than I ever loved it’s replacement! This is the evening parade I grew up watching at WDW, and I thought the costumes, music and characters all worked together so beautifully…I really hope it comes back to WDW now that the Electrical Parade has finished!

You can watch this parade on Attractions Magazine’s YouTube channel here…


3) Hollywood Studios’ Block Party Bash.

I thought the block party bash was a really fun little parade. For those of you that are unfamiliar with it, it was a bit like California’s Pixar play parade (it featured all the Pixar characters), and it moved along the parade route stopping at specific points to perform 10 minute shows. It was lovely to see the Pixar characters in their own parade – monsters inc, the incredibles and toy story…plus I loved the fact that it was narrated by Toy Story’s green army men!

You can watch this parade on Attractions Magazine’s YouTube channel here…

4) Magic Kingdom’s Celebrate a Dream Come True. 

Now I am the biggest fan EVER of Magic Kingdom’s current parade (Festival of Fantasy)…But I really loved the soundtrack to the celebrate a dream come true parade!

You can watch this parade on Attractions Magazine’s YouTube channel here…


What is your favourite Disney parade?

Lauren x

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