Night-Time Killamanjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom


This year we decided to try the night time Killamanjaro Safari when we went to AK for the new evening show ‘The Jungle Book, Alive with Magic’. We booked a fastpass and pretty much walked on the ride (anyone who is familiar with the popularity of the safari will know that that’s a treat in itself!). I was intrigued to know how they were going to run the night safaris, because surely floodlighting the savannah would be pretty horrible for the animals!

So, the answer is that they cleverly light the safari by floodlights that are strategically placed and mirror moonlight. This means that it is still incredibly dim as you drive around the safari. If I’m honest we saw more animals than we have ever seen, because loads of them had settled down in groups around the safari route…but we couldn’t actually see them! So often groups of animals were gathered in shadowy places such as under trees, and we (including the truck driver) struggled to figure out what they were! You are obviously asked not to take any flash photography because it startles the animals, but this makes taking pictures nearly impossible. It’s hard enough taking them on a daytime safari, let alone when you’ve got hardly any light! (Just to give you an idea, the below picture is the best photo I was able to get on the whole safari!)


In conclusion I’d say that the night time safari was definitely an experience, but not worth it if you want to see the animals properly or take pictures!

What did you think of the night-time safari?

Lauren x

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