New ‘Once Upon a Time’ show to debut November 4th

So we’ve had the official announcement…the current ‘Celebrate the Magic’ projection show will finish it’s 4 year run on November 3rd. I for one am sad to see this show go, because I absolutely love it. I was so upset this year on my trip to WDW, because the show wasn’t running due to the projectors being renovated! However, I am super excited that it is being replaced by a similar show!

From what I can gather, the ‘Once Upon a Time’ show is narrated by Mrs Potts, who is telling Chip some bedtime stories. You are transported through many Disney classics such as Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan and the show incorporates projections and pyrotechnics in the same way that Celebrate the Magic did. The Once Upon a Time show is already being shown at Disney’s Tokyo park, which leads me to wondering if they will use the same show OR change it. One thing to note about the Tokyo show is that it is LONG compared to celebrate the magic…19 minutes compared to 10! The question is, with no parade currently at WDW will this show remain 19 minutes long and then be followed by Wishes, like celebrate the magic was? Or will be be condensed down with the idea of another 9pm parade being in the pipeline? Only time will tell!

One thing I do know for sure…I’m so excited to see the show when it’s released! I’ll be hunting YouTube for the best videos of it (the issues of living in England!!!)
Are you excited for the new show?

Lauren x

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