Why are you hauling round that massive bag?!


When I walk round WDW, I do so with a small, cross-body bag or a small camera bag. This is because over the years I have pruned down my theme park daily necessities to a bare minimum. This is just my personal opinion and I am sure that some people will need to carry additional things! (I also carry a bottle of water, but that stays in my hand rather than my bag – it warms up too quickly to carry round for ages!)

  1. A phone – A must if you are planning on using the My Disney Experience App for Fastpass+ and reservations. Also useful if it can double as a camera (depending on the quality of the camera and how many pictures you are taking!
  2. A camera – I like to take my Nikon L840 round with me because it takes better quality photos than my iPhone. I also take A LOT of pictures, and it would clog up my phone memory something chronic!
  3. Money – I don’t take a whole purse with me. I take out some spending money, parking money and my card and tuck them loose into a small compartment of my camera bag…it saves SO MUCH SPACE!.
  4. Sunglasses – more a personal preference. I wear glasses so I bring them with me too, but I take them out of the case and put them in the bag loose. Again, this saves space!.
  5. Mints or other hard sweets – If you’re like me then you’ll fill up on a funnel cake or a dole whip if you’re peckish throughout the day, but sometimes when queueing you need a bit of a sugar boost. Adam and I got through a load of mints on our latest trip, they’re a lifesaver when standing in a queue that doesn’t seem to be moving!

And that’s literally it! Adam had the sense when he bought my camera for me (it was a Christmas present last year) to buy me a slightly bigger case than the camera needed, so I have space on top of the camera and in the front pocket to store other things. This means that rather than carrying a camera case and a bag, I am able to combine the two! If I don’t have the camera with me I just use a small, cross-body bag. I know that people who are travelling with kids will need to carry a lot more, or if people have specific needs that they need to take into consideration, but this is just my personal opinion!

The people I don’t understand are the ones who turn up at the ticket & transportation centre at Magic Kingdom looking like they’re equipped to hike the Himalayas…it must be like an army drill carrying that bag around all day in that heat! Just remember, you only need the bare necessities! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!!).

What are your must-carry items at WDW?

Lauren x

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